Running update – race 3 – 5k

Did another 5k this weekend. That makes 3.

I have done ZERO running in between. I’ve lowered my time with each race. I’m now going to start a running program and plan for another 5k and then a 10k.

In fact I ran a couple of miles today. Should be cool to see the improvement. 

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Running.. again…

IMG 4212

Here we go folks.

I’ve been running a couple of miles every other day. Now I’m increasing the length and will start increasing the tempo. 

Just another run…

Nice morning. Going to get into the 90’s here this afternoon so decided that I had better get this in during the early AM. 

IMG 2709

A longer run…

IMG 2375

Did a bit of a longer run yesterday. 4+ miles. Felt really good. 

Then spent the morning helping my Dad remove a stump. 

..and the running beat goes on…

IMG 2340

I changed my modus operandi today. I got up early-ish and went for a run. Generally, I’m not organized enough to get up in the morning and then go for run.

Time to make some changes though and this is one of them.

The thing is that running in the morning is generally a LOT better than running in the afternoon. The temp is cooler and it’s a great way to get the motor running in the AM.

The traffic on our road starts getting a bit crazy @ 7am so I need to get out earlier to avoid that.

In case anyone is curious below is one of the songs from the playlist I had going. Love the guitars slinking around on this one.

Hasta la vista…baby.