Learning to throw a Disc Golf disc – part 1 – Introduction

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Some friends and I play a disc golf tourney every fall. 6 guys with 4 rounds generally over 3 days. There is a trophy for first place and a trophy for last place called ‘The Meat’. 

I got ‘The Meat’ for the last couple of years. I was easily 20 strokes back from the lead most years and sometimes 30. There are also some unique ‘rules’ to the tourney that make bogeys on holes an unfortunate thing.

One thing to understand is that before I played Disc Golf with these guys I had NEVER thrown a disc golf. A frisbee on the beach? Sure. Never a disc golf disc. The results of my efforts on the field of play made that apparent.

I decided that in 2014 that a little practice was in order to change the results.

The goals were:

  1. Not come in last place in the 2014 tournament (2015 Note: I came in 3rd, 4 strokes off the lead)
  2. Win the trophy in 2015

To accomplish these goals I needed to: 

  1. Understand a little more about discs and the rules of the game
  2. Improve my putting skills
  3. Improve my driving skills

Whereby ‘improve’ means get past the previous pathetic results, get to predictable throws and better scores. 

As the saying goes “How do you eat an elephant? Answer: A bite at a time. So to become better I broke things into sections: 

  1. Research
  2. Putting and practice
  3. Driving and practice
  4. Results and continued improvement
For the purposes of this blog I have broken the posts into the same bits and I will link to them from this post.
I’ll include the links to the different research and videos that I watched and hopefully these posts will help someone else.