Pantry closet – part 3

Here is another update on the pantry. The wife wanted to get the spices out in the open so that we could see them, know what we have and not buy more of what we already have. 

Apparently 3 containers of Allspice is a bit wasteful if you are not going to use it. In addition, the spice racks were taking up 3 shelves in one of our cabinets that we then were able to free up.

She did a bit of digging and found example of folks hanging spices stored in tins off a metal sheet. 

So, she purchased as series of tins and magnets. She glued the magnets to the tins. She then purchased chalk markers and labels (they wipe clean with a bit of water on a towel). 

I bought a bit of stainless (24” x 48”) and hung it from the door using contact cement and 4 mollies. 

Here you have the result: 

IMG 1267