..and the running beat goes on…

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I changed my modus operandi today. I got up early-ish and went for a run. Generally, I’m not organized enough to get up in the morning and then go for run.

Time to make some changes though and this is one of them.

The thing is that running in the morning is generally a LOT better than running in the afternoon. The temp is cooler and it’s a great way to get the motor running in the AM.

The traffic on our road starts getting a bit crazy @ 7am so I need to get out earlier to avoid that.

In case anyone is curious below is one of the songs from the playlist I had going. Love the guitars slinking around on this one.

Hasta la vista…baby.


Caroline, do NOT go into the light

Went for a run last night right after a big rain. It was pretty humid out and when I got to the end of the driveway I looked left and saw this. 

I did go into the light.

The first picture is one that was created with a filter using Instagram. The second image is the original taken with an iPhone 6. 

IMG 1379

IMG 1378

Running again…


“on the road again…”

3 mile Saturday. 3 miles this morning. Not

Signed up for the Grand Rapids River Bank run 10k and the Chicago 1/2 Marathon in September. Also participating in the ‘Warrior Dash’ in July. Probably do some 5k’s as well.

Hoping to dump 30 lbs. Not using the Nike tracking stuff since I’m running inside. Instead using the FitBit One for now. 

Now I just need to figure out how to get the FitBit stats on the web site! They do have an API…Hmmmm…

Boyne Independence Day 10k results

Had a lot fun at the Boyne run. 8:36 pace.

Here’s a link to the action shots.

Here’s a picture of me 🙂


Results were the following:
Finish Position: 185
Category Finish: 128/172
Number: 1487
Total Time: 53:22
Pace: 8:36

Here’s a link to the result page: Results

Next up? Heart of the Hills run in Bloomfield Hills. Here’s the link to the site.