Owl at Cooley Lake

Not the greatest picture but this is the first time I’ve seen an Owl out here. Lot’s of red-tailed hawks.

I just happened to catch him (her?) flying out the corner of my eye. 

Owl at Cooley Lake

Homebuilt bookshelf

Been working all summer to get my garage and shed organized. Projects started but not finished abound! Trying to get them  finished one by one. 

Here’s one of the projects. I thought this was my first bit of furniture but it’s the second.

It was an interesting piece to build. The supports are L angle steel hit with a grinding wheel and lacquered. The shelves are 2×6 pine stained very lightly, hit with a torch to bring out the grain and coated with poly-acrylic to provide a bit of protection. 

IMG 4763

Reading Stephen King’s Dark Tower again

Somewhere along the line I started this series…and then lost track of it. Since the movie is coming out in early August I thought I would read the first book again and then pick up the rest of the series. I seem to at least have gotten through the second book as well since I remember the ‘lobstrosities’.

Anyway, check out the first book in the series here.