Running update – race 3 – 5k

Did another 5k this weekend. That makes 3.

I have done ZERO running in between. I’ve lowered my time with each race. I’m now going to start a running program and plan for another 5k and then a 10k.

In fact I ran a couple of miles today. Should be cool to see the improvement. 

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A new spray paint

An aside… I don’t like spray paint.

That said, this stuff by Behr is pretty good. Nice coverage, good nozzle. 

I give it an ‘A’

IMG 3605

Brewery: Rivers Edge

There is a great local brewery near us called “River’s Edge”. This is image from Sunday when we stopped in, had a pint and a ‘meat and cheese’ platter. 


IMG 3395

1985 Mustang Convertible Front Suspension: Part 2

Quite a bit of progress on the Mustang yesterday.

The accident that the car was in bent the A-Arm, broke the strut inside and bent the sway bar link (all driver side). Used a death wheel to cut the link in half. Once that was done the rest was pretty easy.

I’ll need to take a look at the other strut when I remove it to make sure how the top of the strut is correctly assembled.

I also removed the sway bar to replace the bushings.

All in all it’s going well.

Not looking forward to putting the springs on but I do have the Maximum Motorsports spring tool and that should help.

IMG 3342
Foxbody driver side front suspension, new A-Arm and strut ‘installed’