1985 Ford Mustang Front Suspension: Part 1

Here’s a pic showing the front suspension of the Mustang. I’m in the process of changing the A-arm, the tie rods and the strut. Can you see what’s (horribly) wrong?

Pretty easy so far but then again, this car was stored inside and has 35k miles. 

IMG 3339
Driver side front suspension, 1985 Ford Mustang Convertible

Goodbye Gordon Lightfoot

“Does anyone know where the love of God goes, when the waves turn the minutes to hours?” – Gordon Lightfoot, ‘The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’

A song from my youth. Thanks and goodbye Mr. Lightfoot….

Everything Must Be Paid for Twice

IMG 0741I’ve spent the last few months going through ‘stuff’ accumulated over the years. Donating those things that could have value for others.

I just now tripped across this article called “Everything must be paid for twice”. First with currency and then with time.

If you look around your home, you might notice many possessions for which you’ve paid the first price but not the second. Unused memberships, unread books, unplayed games, unknitted yarns.  

Yep. Weed out the things for which I’m not willing to spend the time on.

A selection of Disc Golf terms

Disc Golf Terminology

*Note* All statements will be made assuming a right-handed backhand (RHBH) throw. Left-handed backhand and right-handed forehand throws will result in a flight path opposite of the ones described here.

Hyzer – Releasing the disc with the outer edge at an angle lower than parallel to the ground. This will cause the most discs to curve to the left.

Anhyzer – Releasing the disc with the outer edge at an angle higher than parallel to the ground. This will cause the most discs to curve to the right.

High Speed Turn – The characteristic of a disc to curve to the right at the beginning of its flight when thrown hard.

Low Speed Fade – The natural tendency of a disc to tail left as it slows down at the end of its flight.

Overstable – A term used to describe the relative resistance to high speed turn and amount of low speed fade of a disc. A more overstable disc will generally have higher resistance to turn and greater low speed fade.

Understable – A term used to describe a disc with relatively low resistance to high speed turn and less low speed fade.

Turnover – The term used to describe the flight of a disc that curves to the right when thrown flat or at hyzer. A less overstable or understable disc will generally be easier to turn over.

Nose Down – Releasing the disc with the front end of the disc lower than the back end. Certain discs will fly better when thrown nose down.

Nose Up – Releasing the disc with the front end of the disc higher than the back end.
Stall Out – A term used to describe the flight of a disc when it peaks in height and drops off to the left without much glide. This generally occurs when the disc is thrown with the nose up.

S-Curve – A term used to describe the flight of a disc when it begins by turning to the right and then “flexes” out and glides back to the left.

Roller – A type of throw where the disc is turned over so far that it lands on its edge and rolls.

Snap – A term used to describe the armspeed and power a player gets into their throw. More snap will generally make the disc fly faster and further.

Throwing the forehand in disc golf

I am not a good forehand player… one might describe it as ’no forehand at all’. As I believe that the forehand is a necessary part of the game I created a list of videos that I’ve reviewed to see how I can change my form, become more consistent and throw farther.

There are a couple of things that are different about the videos and those are: 

1. Elbow placement on the throw
2. Degree of reach back (how I’m reaching back and how far)

In my case the reach back form along with keeping my elbow tight to my body was putting undue stress on my shoulder and elbow. So I watched Scott Stokely’s video (see previous post here) and that helped a lot.

Here’s the list of videos. Hope you find them as helpful as I did:

Eagle McMahon – Sidearm clinic + Form breakdown

Comment: Great breakdown of the forehand, footwork and throwing motion.

Also; if you are interested subscribe to Eagle’s channel. Good content.


Nate Sexton – Nate Sexton Disc Golf Clinic

Comment: First video I watched about the forehand, great explainer.


Robbie C – How to throw a forehand in disc golf for beginners

Comment: Another great explanation from beginning to end of how to throw the forehand.


Robbie C – How to throw forehands farther

Comment: This video is good at explaining more about form. I really like the chapter called ‘Step 2’ and process laid out in the chapter.