Rowing, with a Water Rower, for fun and… profit?

Waterrower wheel

About 2 years ago I purchased a rower (from Water Rower) because I wanted another aerobic activity in the house (we have a treadmill which I quite like running on).

My wife used it a bit, so did I. I think the total number of sessions was less than 20.

I decided this month that since I was going to do the ‘Tough Mudder’ (god help me) I would start running and using the rower on the off days.

Would you know it one of wheels on the seat split in half!

I don’t know if this is defect of the wheel or what. I’m hoping not commentary on my weight.

Regardless, I purchased 2 new wheels from Water Rower, replaced the wheel and am off again…rowing my way to nowhere except good health I hope.

Caroline, do NOT go into the light

Went for a run last night right after a big rain. It was pretty humid out and when I got to the end of the driveway I looked left and saw this. 

I did go into the light.

The first picture is one that was created with a filter using Instagram. The second image is the original taken with an iPhone 6. 

IMG 1379

IMG 1378

FitBit stats for this week

Starting to get back into the whole running thing again. Here are the latest stats. John B. was telling me that I should get used to being number 2 on the list. 

Guess not…and I haven’t even got started. I have a triathlon to run in September.

Look out!

Screen Shot 2013 07 17 at 1 56 51 PM