A new spray paint

An aside… I don’t like spray paint.

That said, this stuff by Behr is pretty good. Nice coverage, good nozzle. 

I give it an ‘A’

IMG 3605

Homebuilt bookshelf

Been working all summer to get my garage and shed organized. Projects started but not finished abound! Trying to get them  finished one by one. 

Here’s one of the projects. I thought this was my first bit of furniture but it’s the second.

It was an interesting piece to build. The supports are L angle steel hit with a grinding wheel and lacquered. The shelves are 2×6 pine stained very lightly, hit with a torch to bring out the grain and coated with poly-acrylic to provide a bit of protection. 

IMG 4763

More on cabinets from the closet

Been traveling quite a bit the last few weeks and have not made much progress on the closet. I did manage to get a couple of cabinets built to assess the sizing of them within the room. 

Getting started cabinets