The house projects – cabinets

I have two projects left on the interior of the house:

1. Baseboards
2. Cabinets

In the case of the cabinets it’s more than just cabinets. It will be cabinets plus shelving and other doodads to complete a laundry room, pantry, mud rooms and two walk-in closets.

So below is a picture of the first carcase that I am working on.

1st carcase

Total cost at this point is $40 including the maple face frames (not seen)

cross-cut sled for cabinets

Last night I finally got everything put together with the table saw. The output table set up, everything calibrated.

I then built the final thing that I needed to be able to start building cabinets…the cross-cut sled. These things are pretty easy to make. I ordered a couple of guides, cut a piece of wood and screwed them on.

Bingo. The last thing to do is square the fence to the blade. I used the 5-cut method and then the dial-in method.

Dead square.

Now I’m off to Europe for a couple of weeks and when I get back I’ll start putting cabinets together.


NASCAR Team winning percentages

Poor man’s stat mechanism (see here if you’re a stat nut)

Can’t wait for Penske to join the Ford fray.

Screen Shot 2013 01 17 at 4 20 56 PM

*Stats since 1988 for Roush, Hendrick and Childress.
1992 for Gibbs

2011 Championship – Stewart-Haas, Driver: Stewart
Chevy supported by Hendrick

2012 Championship – Penske, Driver: Keselowski, Dodge

Laundry Pedestal


Here’s the nearly finished laundry pedestal with a coat of primer. The odd cutout in the back is for the dryer vent. The drawer fronts make it look symmetrical.

I’ll show a shot when it’s done and in place