Mac OS X and keyboard shortcuts

A couple of good reference pages for Mac OS X and keyboard shortcuts. I’m posting these because I have had several requests for information about these. Also, people seem surprised that you can create MORE shortcuts for an application via System Preferences.

Mac OS X Keyboard shortcuts. Link

How to create keyboard shortcuts. Link

My weekend of demolition

A picture from this weekend. Removing the tile and mortar bed. Tried to remove just the tile but the mortar bed wanted to come up as well.

This is NOT something you want to do if you can avoid it.

Photo 2

Amsterdam dog…

DSC 0027

I was walking around Amsterdam on Sunday and came across this little guy down by the flower market.

I watched him 10 minutes or so. He was intently waiting for someone…

Graffiti at Eastern Market

Another trip today to Eastern Market. Met some friends who haven’t been there before on Saturday.

I parked in one of the alleys at the south eastern end of Eastern Market which is right next to Gratiot and the entrance to 375.

I stepped out of the car and got this picture.


Detroit – Temple Beth El


I was cruising down Woodward to Eastern Market and figured I would stop by and take a few snaps of another one of my favorite buildings in Detroit (I have a lot). Please excuse the quality of the shots as I was in a hurry..and I’m not much a photographer. The building deserves better.

Temple Beth El at the corner of Gladstone and Woodward. Here’s the Wikipedia entry for Temple Beth El.

The congregation moved from Woodward and near Eliot (the building is now Wayne State’s Bonstelle Theatre) to the building pictured above in 1922. This building is quite a stunner as well.

In both cases the Temples were designed by this guy named Albert Kahn. Perhaps you’ve heard of him. If not see here… quite the body of work.

This is the front of the building. If you look closely you’ll see different sayings far above the doors.


The first time I saw the building this is the side I saw and the quote: