An old Ski Nautique

My Dad has owned an old ‘Ski Nautique’ ski boat for a few years. He likes it but wanted to move up to a slightly newer one. New being relative to the old boat. Here’s a shot of him dragging my brother’s son around the lake. 

IMG 2626


Here’s a shot of the ‘new’ one: 

IMG 2714

Just another run…

Nice morning. Going to get into the 90’s here this afternoon so decided that I had better get this in during the early AM. 

IMG 2709

Prisma camera app

Heard about the Prisma app today. Fun app. Check out the two images below. The first picture is from my iPhone camera. Dawn at our house looking West. 

IMG 2462

This is from Prisma. Cool…

Image 1

This last image is one my wife took in Zandvoort, The Netherlands of a kid on a swing with the ocean in the background. The originals really good and I like this quite a bit as well. 

IMG 2593

Mom and her fawns

We’ve lived here for 4 years now and each year there have been at least 1 fawn and up to 3 running around in the late Spring and Summer.

This year we’ve got 1 doe with 2 fawns and another with 1. 

IMG 2452