Throwing the forehand in disc golf

I am not a good forehand player… one might describe it as ’no forehand at all’. As I believe that the forehand is a necessary part of the game I created a list of videos that I’ve reviewed to see how I can change my form, become more consistent and throw farther.

There are a couple of things that are different about the videos and those are: 

1. Elbow placement on the throw
2. Degree of reach back (how I’m reaching back and how far)

In my case the reach back form along with keeping my elbow tight to my body was putting undue stress on my shoulder and elbow. So I watched Scott Stokely’s video (see previous post here) and that helped a lot.

Here’s the list of videos. Hope you find them as helpful as I did:

Eagle McMahon – Sidearm clinic + Form breakdown

Comment: Great breakdown of the forehand, footwork and throwing motion.

Also; if you are interested subscribe to Eagle’s channel. Good content.


Nate Sexton – Nate Sexton Disc Golf Clinic

Comment: First video I watched about the forehand, great explainer.


Robbie C – How to throw a forehand in disc golf for beginners

Comment: Another great explanation from beginning to end of how to throw the forehand.


Robbie C – How to throw forehands farther

Comment: This video is good at explaining more about form. I really like the chapter called ‘Step 2’ and process laid out in the chapter.