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Mac OS X and keyboard shortcuts

A couple of good reference pages for Mac OS X and keyboard shortcuts. I’m posting these because I have had several requests for information about these. Also, people seem surprised that you can create MORE shortcuts for an application via System Preferences.

Mac OS X Keyboard shortcuts. Link

How to create keyboard shortcuts. Link

iPad 3 review by Gruber

He likes it.

See here.

Nice article from Mario Garcia

Check out this article talking about the newest iPad (referred to as the iPad 3) and the effect of the high resolution screen.

See the article here.

Reading: March 5-11, 2012

Just a few samples of things that I have been reading about this week.

Nice 2012 Cobra Jet run

Run, Run, Run…

Saw this somewhere and liked it a lot. I need to get back to this…


My weekend of demolition

A picture from this weekend. Removing the tile and mortar bed. Tried to remove just the tile but the mortar bed wanted to come up as well.

This is NOT something you want to do if you can avoid it.

Photo 2

Time Zones and a cool web site for them


I have to figure out the time for meetings in a variety of time zones. That can be troublesome. I’ve been using this site ( for some time now and it has been pretty helpful.

Hope you like it as well.

WoodWing Xperience

As some of you might know I am the ‘Channel Evangelist’ for WoodWing USA. In that role I get to do some pretty cool stuff.

One of those things is go to the WoodWing Xperience in Amsterdam in March!

You should go as well.

I personally can’t wait for the Keynote speakers such as Mitch Klaif, Joe Zeff, Ravi Gopalakrishnan and Zeke Koch. In addition there are a bunch of informative sessions both conceptual and technical. See the agenda here.

Learn more about the WoodWing XPerience here. Use the ‘Register’ link on the right to register for the event.

Oh…and I’ll be doing a couple of presentations as well!