cross-cut sled for cabinets

Last night I finally got everything put together with the table saw. The output table set up, everything calibrated.

I then built the final thing that I needed to be able to start building cabinets…the cross-cut sled. These things are pretty easy to make. I ordered a couple of guides, cut a piece of wood and screwed them on.

Bingo. The last thing to do is square the fence to the blade. I used the 5-cut method and then the dial-in method.

Dead square.

Now I’m off to Europe for a couple of weeks and when I get back I’ll start putting cabinets together.


Laundry Pedestal


Here’s the nearly finished laundry pedestal with a coat of primer. The odd cutout in the back is for the dryer vent. The drawer fronts make it look symmetrical.

I’ll show a shot when it’s done and in place

Demo work on the new house

Did some demo work on the house tonight. Opening up the kitchen to the dining room and removing the pantry (there’s another just around the corner).

Next step is to remove the 2×4’s.







The Nest…for the nest


Just picked up a couple of these for the new house.

I’m pretty geeked to see how these plus some other work we are going to be doing will affect the heating and cooling costs of house. Give it’s size those costs are substantial (at least they are to me).

My weekend of demolition

A picture from this weekend. Removing the tile and mortar bed. Tried to remove just the tile but the mortar bed wanted to come up as well.

This is NOT something you want to do if you can avoid it.

Photo 2