Hawk in the trees

We have a few hawks in the area but they mostly hang out near the wetlands behind us. In this case (see upper right of photo) this one flew to the front. Hunting, I think, chipmunks. 

IMG 4418

Owl at Cooley Lake

Not the greatest picture but this is the first time I’ve seen an Owl out here. Lots of red-tailed hawks.

I just happened to catch him (her?) flying out the corner of my eye. 

Owl at Cooley Lake

Favorite statue in Vienna

DSC 0092

My wife and I were in Vienna a couple of years ago and took this photo. Love the statue. The name at the bottom is ‘Ferdinand Raymond’. Here’s a link to a Wikipedia article about him. Kind of a sad end: 

When Raimund was bitten by a dog, which he falsely believed to be rabid, he shot himself on 29 August 1836 and died on 5 September 1836 in Pottenstein, aged 46.