Dropbox and the case of the missing contextual menu

Was working along yesterday, put a file into Dropbox and went to get the link and…

Wait… no contextual menu?!

I dug around a bit and found this video

Don’t know why the contextual menu plugin would have disappeared in the first place but the video got my rolling again.

Clay Shirky – Last Call

Another article in a long line of articles describing the long painful death of newspapers. 

See here.

There is one point he makes about the loss of journalistic talent. Important. I personally think that the biggest loss is the talent along with the role that many newspapers held of being a check on political issues. 

Sure, we can report on the local politician being a corrupt or a good politician in digital but how many people are going to see these reports?

Google Drive … I found out what was driving me to drink

I started using Google Drive awhile ago because my colleagues were. Easy to use applications that have the collaborative features we were looking for. 

I didn’t install the Mac client for Google Drive that syncs the contents of your Google Drive to the local machine. About two months ago I did. 

Shortly after that I noticed a weird thing that started to happen. 

I would be happily typing along in some application and the application would move to the background. Click on the app or use the command keys to move the app back to the front…and it would happen again. 

It was driving me crazy. 

One day I was typing merrily along and it happened…again. However, this time I noticed the Google Drive Icon in the menu bar flash at the same time the foreground app moved to the background!

Sure enough that was the problem. Set Google Drive to ‘pause’.

Problem solved.