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“When I recognized how much the financial markets have become like 2006…”

That’s not a compliment.

The financial structure of Guitar Center, outlined in this article by Eric Garland, is scary complex. To me, the more complex the structure the more someone is trying to hide what they are doing. 

Another good bit: 

Then, it hit me. I think I threw my head back and laughed. Chances are, Ares Capital Management will find buyers for Guitar Center debt at 6 – 9% interest, because for financiers today, higher risk just means higher returns, not actual risk –  just like back in the mid-2000s.

Lots of good and interesting analysis in this article and some fascinating links. 

Apple, Solar and Fuel Cell power

Impressive. See here.

Joe Zeff and the Creative Cloud

Joe Zeff’s talking about the Adobe’s Creative Cloud next week @ the Society of Publication Designers.

If you’re in NYC it’s definitely worth stopping by.

See here.

Microsoft and Skype – no privacy

Interesting article on Skype and how Microsoft can and does intercept messages.

Basically you should not have an expectation of privacy with these services.

Flickr gets a redesign

Look like Mayer @ Yahoo is really getting things rolling @ Yahoo!

Here’s the entry for the redesign at Flickr’s blog.

Lazy ‘journalism’ at its worst – BBC and ‘cultural traction’

Saw a reference to this was posted over on ‘Daring Fireball’.

The headline is:

Apple brand less ‘inspiring’, survey says

The basic idea here is that ‘someone’ did a survey around the how ‘inspiring’ Apple is versus Samsung. The upshot is that Samsung is now as ‘equally’ inspiring as Apple. I question the whole idea of brands being ‘inspiring’ but I digress.

The survey itself was done by the ‘marketing communications’ holding company WPP. They then have a web site at

WPP is employed by….Samsung. See here.

So, the BBC takes a marketing survey executed by WPP for Samsung and presents it as ‘Business News’.

How is this NEWS? Is ANYONE paying attention to ethics?

Sculley is the last person who should be commenting on Apple

See here.

Money quote:

According to Sculley, the next big thing will be sensors. “Not knowing anything about Apple, the next big area, I believe, is sensors.”

The key words in that sentence are “…not knowing anything about Apple…”

I never have understood Groupon

The company just fired the CEO. At least he’s honest.

As Groupon was becoming more popular among consumers I understood what the consumers were after. I never understood Groupon’s business model however.

Apple, Amazon and low margins

See here.

John Gruber makes a very good point:

I, for one, don’t think there’s anything irrational about Amazon. I admire them greatly, and think they’re a devilishly clever company. Who I think is irrational are the Amazon investors who support Amazon’s continuing lack of profits.

For Amazon scale is the goal and not profit. That’s OK. Just hard to read about people complaining about Apple, beat down the stock and then see what is going on with Amazon’s stock.

U.S. pays more for slow internet service…oh and politicians take money to screw constituents

This sucks.

Also in 2011, six Time Warner lobbyists persuaded the North Carolina legislature to pass a “level playing field” bill making it impossible for cities in that state to create their own high-speed Internet access networks. Time Warner, which reported $26 billion in revenue in 2010, donated more than $6.3 million to North Carolina politicians over four years. Eighteen other states have laws that make it extremely difficult or impossible for cities to provide this service to their residents.

Source article here.