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Just read this quote (from this article):

“What people don’t realize is that professionals are sensational because of the fundamentals.” ~12-time MLB All-Star, 1995 MVP, and 1990 World Series Champion shortstop Barry Larkin

Great stuff. You can see players in all sports who are magnificent athletes but who neglected the fundamentals of the game (or the profession). Those that have emphasized fundementals can anticipate, know where to be on the court, the field or the pitch. It’s really fun to watch.

Rowing, with a Water Rower, for fun and… profit?

Waterrower wheel

About 2 years ago I purchased a rower (from Water Rower) because I wanted another aerobic activity in the house (we have a treadmill which I quite like running on).

My wife used it a bit, so did I. I think the total number of sessions was less than 20.

I decided this month that since I was going to do the ‘Tough Mudder’ (god help me) I would start running and using the rower on the off days.

Would you know it one of wheels on the seat split in half!

I don’t know if this is defect of the wheel or what. I’m hoping not commentary on my weight.

Regardless, I purchased 2 new wheels from Water Rower, replaced the wheel and am off again…rowing my way to nowhere except good health I hope.

..and the running beat goes on…

IMG 2340

I changed my modus operandi today. I got up early-ish and went for a run. Generally, I’m not organized enough to get up in the morning and then go for run.

Time to make some changes though and this is one of them.

The thing is that running in the morning is generally a LOT better than running in the afternoon. The temp is cooler and it’s a great way to get the motor running in the AM.

The traffic on our road starts getting a bit crazy @ 7am so I need to get out earlier to avoid that.

In case anyone is curious below is one of the songs from the playlist I had going. Love the guitars slinking around on this one.

Hasta la vista…baby.


MailButler Logo 256x256

I was cruising around on MacStories (Federico Viticci’s awesome site) and tripped across an article about MailButler. Here’s the article on MacStories. Anyway, after the read I thought I would give the tool a try. 

MailButler, in a word, is awesome. While I’m still learning the feature set there are a couple that I’m in love with: 

  • Send later
  • Timer for a send

The ability to export a note to Evernote is pretty cool as well. I’m going to keep exploring the tool but so far I’m impressed.

Learn more about MailButler here

Apple and VocalIQ


See this article about what (potentially) Apple’s been doing with Siri.

It’s really good to see that, apparently, Apple has been doing some serious work on Siri. I do like the tool but I find it a bit frustrating to use at times. 

I’ve done some work around the house using Indigo and Phillips Hue to automate lighting and create scenes. I find Siri to be pretty useful. The more of the work that I do with these tools, the more that I think that a tool like Amazon’s Echo with Alexa would make things just a bit easier.